Why Anovite?

Anovite has the ONLY 3rd Party validated Colostrum-based products in the world!

Anovite’s products have been sold in over 40 countries worldwide and remain the undisputed global authority on Organic 6-hour Certified Colostrum production, manufacturing and distribution.

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve and expound upon the information that is correctly available regarding colostrum and its benefits for both the human and animal population. This is done by providing expert analytical research, standards and guidelines on the application and use of our products by the consumer.

  • Nationally and internationally recognized products; written and spoken about in national magazines and radio, such as Healthy Living, Green Patriot Radio and endorsed by internationally recognized radio personality Robert Scott Bell
  • Over 18 years of success
  • Debt Free
  • Vertical integration from production to manufacturing
  • Formulation, Processing and packaging in our cGMP, FDA and USDA inspected manufacturing facilities

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the market statistics

Were you aware that over 14,000 people lose their health insurance EVERY DAY!

Did you know the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates 1 Billion people catch the flu worldwide! Were you aware that an all-natural food, has been found to have a positive impact on allowing your body to be much more effective against the flu. . . by up to 3 times!

Worldwide Obesity Rate

The annual Worldwide Obesity rate climbs out of control in 2008, 1.5 billion adults, ages 20 and older were overweight and it continues to grow. The worldwide prevalence of obesity more than doubled between 1980 and 2014. In 2014, 39% of adults aged 18 years and over were overweight (1.9 Billion adults). In 2014, 13% of the world’s adult population (600 Million adults) were obese.

200 million men were obese

300 million women were obese

    • Heart Disease

      Almost 13% of the population in the United States suffer from Heart disease. That is approximately 45,000,000 people.

    • Diabetes

      Almost 10% of the population in the United States suffer from Diabetes. That is approximately 33,000,000.

    • Asthma

      Almost 8.5% of the population in the United States suffer from Asthma (26 million).

    • Allergies

      30% of adults and 40% of children in the United States suffer from Allergies (approximately 50 million people).

    • Arthritis/Inflammation

      An estimated 52.5 million adults in the United States have some form of arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, lupus, or fibromyalgia.

    • Crohn’s

      About 1.4 Million Americans suffer from Crohn’s Disease.

    • Cancer

      About 1.6 million new cancer cases diagnosed in 2015.

The Answer is Anovite!

3rd Party Validated Products, National Exposure in places like Walgreen’s, Walmart and all Kroger outlets! Add a Compensation Plan that ANYONE can make money with and you have win-win for everyone!

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Take Charge of Your Life

We are all about Helping People. . . Health and Wealth!

Our Business Builders work hard to change their lives and are seeing the results. It starts with determination, then having the right product, the right company and the right compensation plan. If you provide the first, we give you the other three. It’s time to take charge of your life. The path to freedom is Anovite.

Compensation Plan

  • 1
    Step One

    Use the products yourself and Share with 2 people who want to improve their financial status with a residual stream of income

  • 2
    Step Two

    Help them share the products & opportunity with 2 more people. You’re on your way to FREEDOM for you and your family! It’s that easy! Simplicity is the beauty of Binary Fusion

Binary Fusion (the power of 2) = Freedom!

14 Ways to Get Paid with Anovite

Getting Started

We have two ways for you to get involved; as an Associate Member or an Associate Builder. Both come with great Anovite product benefits, but only one puts you in the drivers seat of your own business.

So easy a child can teach you.

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Join our Wholesale Club as an Associate Member

Become an Associate Member for $21.95 a year and enjoy an approximate 20% off all products!
The Associate Member Starter Kit is designed for our wholesale program members!

As an Associate Member, you have access to the following:

  • Product savings on all purchases of our award winning products.

    Approximate savings of 20% off retail

  • Co-branded Anovite Website

    A co-branded Anovite website and personal back office where you can place your orders.

  • Loyalty Program

    Product savings on future purchases of our award winning products. If you setup a smartship*, even if it is one bottle, you will receive 10% of the smartship as a credit for the 1st three months, then the next 3 months you will receive 20%, and from then on 30% credit each month. Those credits can be used to to get FREE products not on your smartship!

  • Basic Membership Kit

    We know from experience that as you see benefits from taking our products, people will ask what you are doing. We make it easy to tell them. We will send you your Associate Member kit which includes:

    • (5) Strawberry Colostrum6 Tablets
    • (5) Pineapple Colostrum6 Lozenges
    • (5) LimuZ6 sachets; the kit also includes
    • (5) Anovite Product Brochures
    • (5) Anovite Today Newspapers

Associate Member

Only $21.95/yr

You are NOT required to do any business activity. This is strictly a discount program for our loyal wholesale members. You have the choice to become an Associate Builder at any time and will be able to take advantage of all of the benefits of our lucrative compensation plan if and when you decide to!

join as an associate member

$199 Value

Tools for Success

We have the tools to assist you in building your new Anovite home business.

We’ve assembled a comprehensive platform of tools which you can instantly leverage as a distributor of Anovite. These turn-key systems help you and the teams you build to get up and running in no time and well on your way to continued success. Here’s just the shortlist:

  • Comprehensive Business Management

    Whether you are a first-timer or someone who has had success coordinating a growing team or running successful business, Anovite has taken the complexity out of managing your business. Through comprehensive team reports, commission recap, convenient ordering and contact management, our Back Office system gives you the tools you need, when you need them.

  • Comprehensive Training

    Doing it all by yourself just isn’t feasible today. We offer a full training portal from successful professionals who constantly are looking for the next person who wants to transform their life. We want to help you be the best you can possibly be, whether that is at business or as a person, the Anovite community will help you every step of the way.

  • Getting Started
  • Comprehensive Product Sampling

    Experience has shown that the fastest way to build your Anovite business is through exposure of our delicious and effective products. Anovite offers a sampling system that is unrivaled in the industry and is a sure fire method to kick your business building into high gear.

  • Effective Marketing Collateral

    Anovite understands you are building relationships; you need effective, eye catching and affordable materials that help you tell the Anovite story and help build your business. For this reason, Anovite provides all distributors with a number of collateral marketing pieces which you can use in your marketing efforts. From product sampler packs to informational mini-brochures, Anovite has it all.


We have people all the time that ask questions, so please continue to do so.

In this section we have outlined some of the more interesting questions that pertain to why Anovite is different; whether it’s the Products or the Opportunity!

A Message from our Founder

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